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New Fashion film: Lipstick 2

I was in mind to shoot something in raw with my 5D for long time.
The perfect moment is coming when I decided to buy a new led ring and I had some free hours with Numnim on Sunday.

Following my previous idea on my fashion film Lipstick, I decided to make a short movie with Nim playing with her collection of lipstick.
The set up is really easy (just the ring in front of her face) and I used Magic Lantern to shooting in raw with my Canon 5D II.
I used the X-Rite Color Checker for the first shot, just to have the right reference for the rest of the work.

IMG 6988
IMG 6988
IMG 6995

But the most interesting part of this work was the grading.
Was really interesting to see how many option I can choose easily with a raw file. And how much beautiful the result could be.
The first image on the next gallery is a video that show the difference from before and after the color grading.

Before and After
Grading 1
Grading 2
Grading 3
Grading 4
Grading 5

And here is the final film. Watch it in full screen and maximum quality (4K) to really enjoy.

LIPSTICK 2 from Valerio Morini - Filmmaker on Vimeo.

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