60 seconds storytelling

This is my first technical analysis on how to tell a beautiful story in just 1 minute. I don't know if will be a regular appointment but it was really funny to do it.

This video is purposed to promote the 60 SECOND FILM FESTIVAL in Bangkok Enjoy it!

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New Fashion film: Lipstick 2

I was in mind to shoot something in raw with my 5D for long time.
The perfect moment is coming when I decided to buy a new led ring and I had some free hours with Numnim on Sunday.

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Officially selected!

I'm really glad to announce that my short movie "The Land of Thousand Colors" had been selected for the final stage of the Italian-Thai 90sec Film Competition!

A soul music video

The American Jazz singer Coco Rouzier actually working on Bangkok and asked me to realize a video for her new song just released on vinyl.
This is a first attempt to realize it.

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The Island Of Mistery

In these days I begin to edit an amazing documentary realized by Al Caudullo!
I never had a timeline like this!

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Shooting the fights!

One sunny, hot crazy day to shooting the first part of a new project produced and directed by Amin Armin. Is an action/fighting/badass short indie movie with a cast of professional stuntmen, fighters and actors. My role in this production is that of cinematographer and editor.
Other photos after the jump.

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