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  • The American Jazz singer Coco Rouzier actually working on Bangkok and asked me to realize a video for her new song just released on vinyl. this is a first attempt to realize it.

  • I was in mind to shoot something in raw with my 5D for long time. The perfect moment is coming when I decided to buy a new led ring and I had some free hours with Numnim on Sunday.

  • My first technical analysis on films and commercials!

  • Freshly edited new Fashion Films Showreel 2018

  • My short movie "The Land of Thousand Colors" had been selected for the final stage of the Italian-Thai 90sec Film Competition!

  • A new fashion film coproduced with CYD HUB in Bangkok.

  • Finally ny new storytelling showreel 2017 is ready! Enjoy it!

  • A new showreel with the best footages I shot in Thailand.

  • One sunny, hot crazy day to shooting the first part of a new project produced and directed by Amin Armin. Is an action/fighting/badass short indie movie with a cast of professional stuntmen, fighters and actors. My role in this production is that of cinematographer and editor.

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"La fantasia è un posto dove ci piove dentro.“ - I. Calvino

Emotions has always been my goal. In my works I've always tried to bring the value of emotion. To make that I've come along many different ways, that led me to make many different audiovisual works and to experiment many tecnologies and creativity styles.




Emozionare è sempre stato il mio obbietivo. Ho sempre cercato nel mio lavoro di portare il valore aggiunto dell'emozione. Per fare questo ho percorso molte strade diverse, che mi hanno portato a realizzare molte tipologie di audiovisivi diversi e a sperimentare, in maniera trasversale, molte tecnologie e creatività diverse.




Showreel 2017 ST
Showreel Cinematography 2019
Showreel 2018 FF
Showreel 2017 Doc


Color grading

Lipstick 2
Lipstick 3
Contacto 2
Contacto 3
Contacto 4
Contacto 5
Contacto  6

Manage colors means managing the vehicle with which the images touch our eyes. Sometimes you need a slight breath and sometimes you need a cocky scratch. For that delicate job I use the only instrument possible: DaVinci Resolve.


Lipstick 2
Lipstick 3
Schermata 2017 03 15 Alle 14.57.30
Contacto 2

Photography has always been my passion. And over the time it has become my tool to communicate. The framing, the choice of lenses and the right atmosphere, a research that never ends and that feeds my work every day.